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Pre-paid computer consultancy credit packages

Please use the contact form below if you would like to purchase over 5 hours of credit or discuss a recurring monthly retainer option.

How it works

  1. Select your pre-paid credit package and click the ‘Buy now’ button.
  2. Navigate through the checkout process, providing your personal details, and pay using your preferred method.
  3. You should receive an email to your registered email address within a couple of minutes. Check your spam or junk folder if it doesn’t arrive.
  4. When you’re ready to move ahead, use the contact form at the bottom of this page to advise me of your order number. We can then move forward with the online consultancy or help you need.

Frequently asked questions

How do we track time?

Each online consultancy session is logged, and time is rounded up to the nearest 15-minute increment. Additionally, I’ll email a summary of each transaction and time tracked with the remaining credit balance at the end of every session.

How does remote control work?

I’ll provide a unique digit 9-digit code you enter onto this website for remote control assistance.

You can then download a secure remote desktop control program that allows us to screen share or for me to see your desktop and take control of your keyboard and mouse to assist you.

What platforms does remote control cover?

My remote control system will run on:


  • Windows 7 and later
  • Windows Server (ver 2012 and later)
  • Apple MacOS (ver 10.12 and later)
  • Linux (all versions)
  • Android devices (in Beta testing)
  • Apple iOS (coming soon)
Is remote control secure?

Yes, it’s 100% secure.

The system I use for remote control and access only runs when you provide permission. Additionally, I am the only person with access to the system, and I use 2-factor Google authentication to log in and start new sessions. 

Following our session for remote assistance, nothing is left resident in your computer memory or loads at startup.

Once the remote control session is finished, the application is closed and will not run again unless it has your instructions.

Each data connection is encrypted using a 128-bit AES algorithm inside WebRTC and SSL protocols. This keeps the connection secure, and nobody can hijack or snoop on any video or key presses transmitted over the connection.

In addition, every remote control session we use utilizes a unique 9-digit code, which is changed for each session we have. So old codes are not re-used once a session is finished.

With these multiple layers of security in place, unauthorized use of the service or access to your devices is impossible.

Is remote control an on-demand service?

Not quite. It’s not like rubbing the lamp, and the genie appears. But it’s definitely quicker than traditional onsite appointments.

Think of it still like an appointment service, in that we still need to book a mutually convenient time in the schedule. So you buy credit and then book a slot where I can give you help wherever I am.

Because the service is fully remote, it often means that I can be available to help you with short notice or reduced waiting times.

Traditional on-premise appointments can have delays or long waiting times, especially during busy times of the year. They also require considerable travel and preparation to attend. With online remote support, the time needed to service clients is reduced, meaning I can often attend to you sooner and only need to bill for the time you need. So, if I can fix things via remote support, it’s a far more efficient use of everyone’s time and money.

Are there any other caveats or considerations in using this service?

Good question. There are a few things to consider to optimize your experience:


  1. All remote assistance hours need to be paid in advance. When credited hours/minutes are used up, you’ll need a top-up to continue use—much like a prepaid cell phone.
  2. The remote control service relies on a stable internet connection at either endpoint at the support time (i.e., where you and the support technician are both located). Without decent internet, we may need to cut short or reschedule the support if it hinders progress because of a failing connection or inadequate bandwidth at either end. Sometimes remote control assistance may be given from a laptop on the road utilizing a 4G or 5G mobile network. The quality of internet service can vary depending on location and local network usage.
  3. Sometimes a site visit that allows me physical access to the hardware is the only way to diagnose a problem or deliver the solution. Pre-paid computer consultancy credit packages or time cannot be used for on-site or hands-on help in the workplace or home. Hands-on or on-site assistance will be billed separately at the applicable rate.
Do unused credits expire?

Nope. Unlike prepaid cell phone credit, these credits don’t run out.

You’ve paid for them, and they won’t expire until you use them up. So they’re good for as long as you need them.